To the voters of Bradley County,

Since announcing my intention to seek the Republican Nomination for sheriff of Bradley County, my opponent Mr. Eric Watson has attempted to paint me as a Democrat and himself as a 100% life-long Republican who has never voted or supported a Democratic candidate.

I believe the people of Bradley County deserve something that is long overdue – complete transparency without a political agenda. As many of you know, I am a very transparent person. I believe that trust and integrity are unable to exist without transparency. In 1994, I ran against Republican Incumbent Sheriff Dan Gilley.

It was during this campaign that my opponent, the self-proclaimed life-long, never voted or supported a Democrat, Eric Watson not only endorsed me to become sheriff of Bradley County but also brought his musical group to perform at one of my campaign rallies.

As you will see, Mr. Watson took out an ad in the Cleveland Daily Banner in which he wrote a letter to the good people of Bradley County informing them of the reasons why he was supporting me over the Republican Nominee.

We must restore integrity and trust to the office of sheriff. I believe this begins with being truthful with the voters and not misleading them about any issue personal or professional. Bradley County deserves a sheriff that will not leave any room to doubt whether what they are hearing is the complete transparent truth or a politically motivated comment to hide something that may damage his ability to be re-elected.

In 1994, Mr. Watson endorsed me because he believed I would be a full-time sheriff. My promise to you, the citizens of Bradley County is if you elect me to become your next sheriff, I will be no less than Mr. Watson promised you I would be when he personally endorsed me. I humbly ask for your vote in the upcoming Republican Primary. Thank You.