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Meet Steve Lawson

Republican Steve Lawson is a candidate for the office of Bradley County Sheriff.

Promise to the Voters

I have dedicated over 23 years of my life to serving and protecting the great people of Bradley County.

If elected Sheriff, my promise to each citizen of this county is to restore trust, be a full-time Sheriff and dedicate myself to the duties of the office in which I would be privileged to serve.

I humbly ask for your vote to be the Republican nominee for Sheriff of Bradley County.


100% Republican or Untruthful

Since announcing my intention to seek the Republican Nomination for Sheriff of Bradley County, my opponent Mr. Eric Watson has attempted to paint me as a Democrat and himself as a 100% life-long Republican who has never voted or supported a Democratic candidate. To learn more about his misleading political tactic, please read my statement by clicking here

Did I quit (or) Did he lie?

Mr. Watson wants to deceive the people of Bradley County by telling them that I simply walked out on my division and the people of Bradley County by simply handing my resignation to an officer in the hallway of the Bradley County Sheriff’s Department.

I believe the people of Bradley County deserve something that is long overdue – complete transparency without a political agenda.

Mr. Watson has attempted to use my resignation for his own political gain. However, the people of Bradley County have had enough and are tired of these type of antics from the Mr. Watson.

To read my entire statement, please click here

Why I am a Republican

Since announcing my candidacy for the Republican Nomination for sheriff of Bradley County, I have asked for the opportunity to earn your trust. Because of this, I want to provide you with some personal information I feel is important, in order to earn that trust.

As many of you know, I was a former member of the Democratic Party. But as the attacks and lies have already started, I would like to take a moment to provide transparency concerning my past and hopefully my future as your Republican Nominee.

Much like my opponent, I grew up in a Democratic family. READ MORE

Why Vote Steve Lawson?

I decided to run for Sheriff of Bradley County because I believe it is time to restore trust and return the focus of the office to protecting and serving the great people of Bradley County. As Sheriff, I want to re-establish the trust that has been lost by so many within the department and the community.

Having served over 19 years in the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office, under multiple Sheriff’s, I know what it takes to run a credible department of law enforcement officers. I also realize that every dollar spent is not that of the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office, but rather is that of the taxpayers of Bradley County. This is why I will re-establish a fiscal conservatism when working with the Bradley County Commission to set the budget each year for the department.

If elected as the nominee of the Republican Party and elected as your sheriff, I will dedicate my complete focus to serving and protecting Bradley County without any outside interest.  I look forward to the opportunity to gain your trust and your vote to become the Republican Nominee for Sheriff of Bradley County.

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